OK, the HK triggers suck. The PSG trigger just sucks a little less, and for $500 is not worth it. MBR not DMR, regardless of what you saw on sniper.

DSA FAL, at best a 2″ gun. My favorite, the FAL is no target gun. MBR not DMR.

The answer? The AR10 platform.
Even the DPMS lo-pro cheap version LR308 is lightyears ahead of the competition here.
Just use good mags not the junk provided with the DPMS.
Adaptability, modularity, weight,

Right now I’m looking at replacing my FAL with a PSA AR10.
For the money, the accuracy and parts availability, there is no other real choice for the money. And PMags are available.

The M1A, starts at $1400, before upgrades that bring it up to the ‘heavy’ SCAR levels in price. And it still falls behind the AR10 platform for ergonomics.

Even the Marines are looking to adopt the Knight SR25 as their DMR.

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