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74, interesting article indeed, and I appreciate it greatly. Wow! What a day, as a result. I would be hijacking this thread if I went on to explain what it prompted, however. I’ll just say that it led to an in depth amount of research on the current role of Turkey in all sorts of things – including Benghazi, Syria, our interaction with the Soviets – er – Russians, etc. Clearly, there is deep, deep involvement on the part of Turkey with respect to some of THE most important events and situations of our day. And of course one cannot dismiss Erdogan’s part in it – though I don’t pretend to even come close to fully understanding it. But this isn’t the thread for it, even if there is a place within the Forum where it might be appropriate. So I’ll just say thanks for a very unexpected afternoon and evening of personal research to a depth in which I haven’t engaged in a long time. And despite the seeming departure from the theme of the link you provided, that most definitely was not lost on me even through my hours of research today. As they say down south of the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California borders, much grass.

P.S. Perhaps you’re aware of the following:

Turkey’s incoming government should prioritise a new constitution, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday, reviving calls for an executive presidency even as Europe signalled concern it could concentrate too much power in his hands.