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I watched Cruz live on the floor of the Senate the other day. He was berating (personally, not just the issue being “discussed”) a Democrat member of the Senate. She requested time to respond, and frankly did so quite appropriately, including providing ways forward to discuss certain areas of difference toward resolution. Cruz came back at her in his usual sarcastic, angry tone, paying brief lip service to her measured response, and then proceeded to attack her all over again with clear animosity and unwillingness to start with the common ground she had pointed out and expressed a desire to work with. I remarked to my wife that what we had just witnessed is typical of Cruz, and why he has no business being President – he ONLY knows how to stick to his position, angrily, and insist not only that things be done his way, but minimizes or even discounts any reasonable effort on the part of anyone that isn’t part of HIS corner of the Republican Party. The IS no negotiation. It’s his way from the very start, or nothing; forget about any possible other ideas he hadn’t thought about that might even enhance some solution.

Trump? No comment – it would be fruitless/worthless/pointless.