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Thoughts on the Live Leak video from 74: (1) Very well edited to make an emotional point. (2) The underlying truth is that what was carefully edited and presented is none the less fact, right there, right now. And the intent is that somehow, despite oceans too wide to boat across, those facts, that reality, is to become ours here in the US as soon as possible. One more thought: as “multi-cultural” as Canada has become, perhaps our southern invasion won’t be anywhere near as much of a problem as what could become a northern invasion. Just across the Windsor bridge and tunnel in downtown Detroit, once-beautiful Dearborn, Michigan, has become ruled by Muslim culture. And just in the past few days, Hamtramck, Michigan, has elected a majority Muslim city council. Within my lifetime, that was an almost exclusively Polish Catholic city within a big city.

Bottom line: there is no criticism in thought #1 at the top about the carefully edited piece designed to evoke a strong emotional response, because it is justified! The invasion is here, it is rooted, it merely needs to now take those firmly established roots and grow. And we are expected – as German, Swedish, British, and other leaders said in the video – to welcome our own extermination and extinction. If there was EVER a time for black and white America to come together as one, it is now. Divided we both fall. And if Native Americans think they’re oppressed now (and they are), they ain’t seen nothin’ yet compared to what the Muslims will do to them. Call me racist, or call me willing to let anyone live however they want to, as long as I’m allowed to do the same – I don’t care. It is what it is.

What would I like to see? I used writing as therapy, and just deleted a long paragraph, answering that exact question. It isn’t suitable for print. The video logically points to the solution(s), and they’re not politically correct at very minimum. What goes beyond “minimum” is what’s unsuitable for print.