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Well, actually some of those “camps” do exist. And frankly, there is a view that makes a lot of sense. Katrina (hopefully) taught FedGov a few things about how grossly unprepared they are for major disasters. Some private organizations had storehouses of supplies (food, tarps, personal supplies, water, etc.) JUST outside what was reasonably supposed to be the really serious damage areas, along with 18-wheeler trucks, so they could get on the roads with the supplies just as soon as they could get the trucks through, while not having to worry about the storehouses being destroyed along with everything inside. Hopefully, FEMA learned a few things from those private organizations. Some of those same organizations had literally hundreds if not thousands of people IN the disaster areas within extremely short periods once it was safe and entry was permitted, with chain saws and other tools to cut up fallen trees, tear down soaked drywall, tear out carpeting, etc. And those out-of-area workers supplied their own food and shelter. The private sector organizations made FedGov and the State of Louisiana look absolutely sick! (They were – despite W’s famous quote, “You’re doin’ a heck of a job, Brownie!”)

So, if evacuation centers are pre-set up, complete with some housing, and yes, even temporary caskets and/or body bags, I say GREAT! FedGov could learn a lot from teenage boys: “Be prepared.” And yes, I do happen to know of two military sites (one current, one deactivated) that were used to station various things for exactly such use in emergencies. There are hurricane evacuation route signs all over that literally route people into a military installation not too far from here, and people have been housed there in emergency situations. No conspiracy, no underhanded, scary stuff. COULD all that be converted to very scary stuff? Of course. And the amount of ammo purchased by FedGov just a few years ago is downright concerning. I personally researched some of the stories, and came across the actual bid proposals on line, on .GOV web sites. And some of the agencies that were getting significant weaponry and ammunition just made no reasonable sense to me at least, particularly in the amounts being procured. Have they apparently militarized the civilian government? Clearly. Yet when one also breaks down the number of guns and rounds of ammo, it won’t sustain them for a particularly long time if there’s any sort of armed resistance. And if things really devolve into complete chaos, and it’s clear “they” are coming after “us,” I suspect there will be enough of “us” that will not go willingly to some unknown location for no good reason except that some gummint goon told us to.

But even that seems like a pretty tall order. Just go to any medium sized US city (don’t even bother with the major metropolitan areas) on Google Maps, and look at the satellite map. Just really LOOK at those maps, and start using “street view” to go up and down all those streets just in one selected relatively small city. Imagine you’re there with them, and how many it would take, and how long it would take. Where in the world are they going to get enough trained, armed people to sweep whole cities, or even just whole large suburban neighborhoods, without anyone knowing it’s going on and resistance starting up big time? Then multiply that all across the nation, and imagine the force necessary. Even if they completely disregarded Posse Comitatus, there were less than 540,000 in the US Army in 2014 (and that included cooks, clerks, medics, docs, nurses, podiatrists, chiropractors, mechanics, drivers, supply folks, commo specialists, yada, yada, yada), and that number is much lower this year, and going down, and down, and down into the foreseeable future. Those folks ain’t gonna over-run the entire United States! “Oh – but Georgia Saint! Remember, they brought in cops from Los Angeles and other places to take guns away in New Orleans after Katrina!” Yeah, yeah, I know. And I’m still livid about that. A Smith and Wesson aspirin tablet between the eyeballs would be quite appropriate for that malady. But the numbers of guns they actually took, and the numbers of people they actually harassed, is still relatively small compared to an entire nation. What happens to Los Angeles while their cops are off supplementing the US Army disguised as National Guard (or vice versa, or whatever)? The numbers just don’t work! There are way over 300 MILLION people in the US, with a massive number of weapons, many of which are not on any paperwork the gummint even has. And plenty of those owners are unwilling to part with them, particularly after learning their lessons watching the news reports of the little old lady in New Orleans get beat up by those cops. Americans are on guard for “next time.” It wouldn’t be pretty, but it wouldn’t be a cake walk.

So I simply say sure – there really are a few facilities that are set up for various purposes. And I’ve seen some of the real gummint documents that have been taken off line now days (but can still be found on non-.GOV sites I suspect), so I know the plans COULD be implemented to do some nasty things, even though they also COULD be implemented simply for real unrest or just real disasters. As I posted elsewhere a few days ago, Buffalo Springfield’s old song with the lyrics that include, “Paranoia strikes deep,” can (and probably should) be understood BOTH ways – sometimes it’s justified, and sometimes it’s overblown. A safe and appropriate balance keeps one from losing one’s mind, or at least not losing one’s ability to still get some enjoyment out of life while still being very well prepared for lots of eventualities, and being willing to act on circumstances with those preparatory items of all sorts, be they food, shovels, or whatever….