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I am skeptical of all the stories around the ‘net about scary UN vehicles, body bags, caskets, guard towers, holding camps, etc. COULD it be happening? Not too much would surprise me anymore, but I’m skeptical that it’s that far along, at least. And UN troops? Whose troops would those be?!? Who’s willing to put their troops here in large numbers long term? I personally suspect there are some fear mongers of the type that create the types of stories that Snopes or Truthorfiction.com have to deal with – except these are scarier than the gang initiation candidate under your car in the parking lot of the local mall, ready to slash your legs with a knife, etc. Some people just get their jollies out of making crap up and posting it as “fact,” and watching other people go nuts with it. Still others are probably very sincere, and have seen a few vehicles here or there that have appeared very non-ordinary, drawn conclusions after letting their minds get away from them, and they add to the fear-mongering inappropriately.

Heck, when I lived on one particular military installation years ago, long, long convoys would come rolling in past our quarters down the hill, carrying ordnance of various types, to store in a highly secure area back behind our housing area. There were all kinds of rumors about what went on back there, and even with a top secret clearance, I had very little clue about what was going on back there (no “need to know”). It was rumored by some that nukes were stored back there, and that there had even been a nuclear accident one day just a year or so before we moved there, blowing out all kinds of windows. Uh – reality check! The “mushroom” cloud some people saw was so small, and so relatively low, that it was just naive people that had never seen a decent explosion before, and thought that it looked like a mushroom cloud, therefore it MUST have been a nuclear explosion!!!!!! AAAAaaaccccckkkk! After all, windows were blown out as far away as ½ mile! LOL (Doesn’t pass the “smell test,” obviously, and there was never any evacuation according to people I personally knew, who were there when it happened – including one that had glass in the back of the office chair he was sitting in.)

Now – could we have a civil war in the U.S.? In limited pockets, I could easily foresee it happening, particularly around larger cities with heavy gang activity, where there are also reasonably middle-class to affluent neighborhoods nearby inner-city areas (otherwise known as a race war). I could conceive of there being a black-white war, of sorts, or even a black-Hispanic war at some point – but mostly gang related. But nationwide scale? No. I think it would be far less of a major side-choosing war, and more just a complete falling apart of social order.

Do I expect things could get mighty nasty in the US? Certainly. But we’ve seen much worse so far in other countries, and even there the civil wars, so to speak, haven’t broken out formally – it’s just local, small group or even individual stuff (even though some of that does involve literal atrocities).

Color me skeptical of some of the things on that site, while at the same time still preparing for various eventualities locally. I ain’t blind, either.