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Thanks to all who have responded. Mountains of S are already HTF in many parts of the world, almost all of it brought on by the attempt, individual and societal, to live at someone else’s expense — the moral principal of slavers and cannibals. A sane society regards the individual attempt to do so by force or fraud as crime, while making it possible for everyone to live by his/her own honest effort. Though there are many individual advocates for such sanity, there are few, if any, nations where they are in the majority. Consequently, sane nations are rarer than unicorns, and predatory majorities abound. Therefore, S, in ever increasing quantities, will be HTF more frequently as time goes on.

My $0.02: Duck when you need to, but don’t curtail so much of your life that those who want you to curtail it will be running your life. Prepare in order to live, but live, if only to spite those who want to steal it from you.

Cry, "Treason!"