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Leopard, not being particularly familiar with South African weather patterns, I did a little digging the other day (even before this latest post of yours, when you’d previously mentioned the drought), and learned that supposedly the highest rainfall in Gauteng is December through February. I hope the highest rainfall comes early this year (like after Thursday when the heat wave diminishes?). And at least another week of 40°C temps?!? OUCH! That sounds like it’s getting pretty critical. And I saw in the news24 report that it is affecting food availability and prices as well. It’s sad that empathy, concern, and all that, still won’t put water in the ‘fridge or food on the table. We can certainly pray for rain for you though….

Are rain water collection and storage systems deemed illegal in your area? If not, there are many such systems available on YouTube. I posted one here on the forum a while back, in case it’s feasible in your situation. We’ve always got 275 gallons of water available, and an exceptionally high quality water filter system that would allow us to immediately drink the water (after gravity feed through the filter, of course) with absolute confidence in not only the wonderful taste of the water, but also the safety both from chemicals but also “critters” (virus, bacteria, and other small organisms). You can find the water collection/storage and the water filter posts here: