They know the risks when they sign the paper . Just Sayin
Not saying its right , but ” private security ” firms are nothing more than mercenaries , no sympathy here .
The actions of Blackwater endangered the lives of US servicemen in Iraq , and US efforts in that area , to the point where they were ordered to leave the country or face arrest . Our Soldiers dont need privet tactical Tommies , that dont answer to anybody , stirring up crap with the locals , too many loose cannons and poor judgment in their ranks .
Journalists also know the risks , its a personal choice they make , unlike the military , they do have a choice .
Private citizen tourists dont live in a cave , they hear what is going on in trouble spots around the globe …….Go vacation in Italy , or Britain , instead of Syria , Jordan , or other mid east nation right now . The only people I know that want to go to the middle east right now are Jewish , headed to Israel .
I dont advocate or condone what happens to Americans in that area of the world , BUT , yes some if it can be avoided by not going there . I stand on my statements . Going to any foreign country is a risk , how much depends on the country . One reason I wont leave the US , another reason is lack of interest .