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74, the difference between yours and some of these others is that you don’t claim to put yourself up as a prophet to the world, and distribute your dreams. Individuals may indeed have dreams that are not necessarily the nightly clean up routine of their own brains, and they may be intentionally instructive for that individual and his/her family. I have zero problem with that. You used appropriate wisdom and whatever other positive decision-making attributes in choosing to keep it between you and your wife, and not try to publish details of it for the world to see. If the source of the personal revelation wanted everyone to have it, they’d have it. Interestingly, scriptures are full of warnings about being wary of false prophets. Many wise people have such things happen, but – as you did – choose to hold them close, not knowing what effect they may have on others, what inappropriate and unintended controversy they may stir, or even what unintended (and unfortunate) consequences they may have.