Sounds like a for real confirmation. This might be one to act on if that is what is called for. I hope it portends all for the good for both of you. There are many Biblical examples of revelations being given in dreams, i.e.: that Joseph should not hesitate to take Mary as his wife even though she was found already with Child.
Since you are sharing your private experience, I will relate one of my own. When our family visited Medjugorje in Yugoslavia, where The Holy Virgin appears regularly, we were present at one of the apparitions atop a nearby mountain where She had promised to appear (only to the visionaries) at 11:PM on Good Friday. At the peak of this mountain is a 30ft. high cross. Her appearance is always preceded by 3 quick flashes of light, much like an electronic camera flash (no cameras are allowed at that time). The cross was clearly visible when the light flashes occurred and what I saw was the cross covered with barren vines, vertically and horizontally. I only knew that there were no vines on the cross normally but did not know what the vines might signify. When I related this to my wife later she said she saw the same thing. However, instead of barren vines she saw vines covered with lush green foliage. After much pondering thought we were given to understand that it signified one’s Christian faith, thus describing her faith as fully alive and vibrant, while mine was in great need of restoration. True enough, I had quit going to Mass a couple of years before and had gradually drifted away from spiritual life. Since then (1990) many personal changes were made, like a complete reversal, and life is much better for it. I found out later that another person in our pilgrimage group saw the same vine image on the cross which confirmed that our imaginations were not at play.

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