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Hi WhiteKnight, glad to see you back. After your last post I’d say you’re nuts though,(just in fun). I do think you should not wait or plan for something better after a shtf. Do whatever it is you’re after now while you know what you are dealing with. What happens after midnight and the carriage changes to a pumpkin nobody knows.

This is true, we could end up worse off actually. And no worries, I’m not offended whatsoever and who knows, maybe I am just a tad ‘off!’ I’m not actually delaying anything, by the way, just that once I do get married, do I want to have children given how things look right now?

I do know this, if I do have them, they will NEVER see the inside of a public ‘school.’ That much I have communicated with my potential spouse as a non-negotiable term haha. At least not in the condition those institutions are in now.

Sorry for the off-topic content. To circle back to my point, I feel a momentous change is inevitable, and I’d rather have it happen sooner than later.