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It’s been quite a while since I posted, folks. I’ve been busy doing the life thing haha.

To answer the question posed by L Tec: actually, yes.

Allow me to explain! As a fairly young man (27 now) I have quite a few years ahead of me assuming I don’t check out early for some reason or another. I understand that a collapse of sorts is inevitable, and so in my mind, I’d rather it happen now, and quickly, so that I can finally start a family and move on with my life without the reality of a massive worsening of conditions hanging over my head.

I am fully aware of how awful things may get. But the reality is, on the other side of that darkness, there may yet be hope! So in backhanded kind of way, it is optimism that drives this. I want to ‘get it over with’ as soon as possible with the hope that I’ll live to see greater freedoms, greater opportunity, etc etc.

(By the way, I am fully aware that things are actually pretty damn good for us in the US now. Other countries are already SHTF in more ways than one.)