Nowhere near the breaking point.
Boiling a frog gentlemen.

Places it should have happened it hasn’t.
Places where the citizenry have a legitimate beef.

If it happens, I doubt any of us here are still around to see it.

There are enough malcontents out there, but not enough trust between them to account for squat. Think about that for a minute.
The death of anything since the militias were infiltrated by the feds.

Bone heads getting caught with bombs, buying guns for felons, getting caught doing stupid.
Cletus and Jethro may be nice enough guys, but do you really trust them when they start spouting black helicopter reports at the BBQ?

Regional problems, Chicago for instance may occur.
But bluntly, what happens there matters little to Wyoming or darkest Vermont.

Regional issues? A given.
But nationally? Nah.

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