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Tweva, Sad to tell you the couples was our youngest daughter and her boyfriend the first time. Although she was raised to do your share. Her boyfriend was as useless as a bull with 2 ****. By the end of 3 months I was fed-up and sent him packing. I even paid for his plane ticket to be rid of him. Daughter agreed with this action plan, as she was tired of his BS also. The little ****** stolen my platinum wedding band as a thank-you. My daughter left to start anew in the city where there more guys to select from. We tried to explain to her that city boys usually make shitty country boys.
8 years later, my daughter found a country boy in the city and got pregnant with twins. They really wanted to move back to the country to live and raise their girls there. My wife was thrilled, I was apprehensive, but agreed anyways (hoping I was wrong). And hard to resist my wife’s glee to be a hands on Grandma. Well to fast forward. He was a sorry excuse for a man (ie. 27 days to only split 8 cords versus 10 cords I cut and split in 10-14 days). And the only farm he was on prior, it was a pot farm.
I have a strict rule about vices. No consuming drugs or booze during work hours. No illegal drugs on property. Simple enough ?
They broke the dope rules three times and “YOOOUUURRR OUT ! ” I went to get some more tomato cages and when I got back. Daughter and twins father was sitting and smoking their pot and plotting their use of my stuff like I was no longer in the picture. This time told my wife they are to leave ASAP. and if this meant she would leave also, so be it. (not what I wanted to happen of course). My past and instincts told me of the dangers and still early enough to stop it now before it is too late. Making hard decisions fast once it is clear real danger lays ahead. My wife was upset with me. However, she knows when I go from ‘easy guy to get along with’ to ‘ Do Not **** With ME’. That means I see trouble ahead and do not have time to explain fully at the moment. She told my daughter to find somewhere else to live and to do it soon. They found a place about 25 miles away and we came to an understanding that they do not have what it takes to live rural. I also took my common-in -law son aside and warned him that if he should ever show up uninvited, that I will take care of the granddaughters but they are on their own. Am I a bastard ? Maybe I am.
In nature’s law, the weak will die and the strong survive and protect their young with their life. That is where I stand today. If after a hard **** kicking from SHTF, I may allow them back (but not likely).
Paint a tiger any color you want. It is still a tiger.
There will be many relationships that appear okay today, but can go sour in SHTF environments. And some very hard calls will require swift decision and actions. Even if you are in a group,. Have your own back-up plans and for your eyes only cashees. Maybe someone will find your treasure 100 years after you pass on.
Note: I do go a bit into details. This is for those who are living or have lived in similar situations to know they are not alone. My ways/actions are not a blueprint. I am by no means an expert and have a fair share of ****-ups in my lifetime and more to come.