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I personally don’t think we are even remotely close to civil war. Uncle Sugar is still providing for the masses. Another season of reality TV shows will keep people entertained. People like to gripe about all manner of things but there is not a critical mass of discontent at the level of insurrection. Were there to be an economic collapse, or WWIII becomes up close and personal, all bets are off, but at present, civil war is just not going to happen.

The article itself seems to be trying to push all of the hot buttons to get folks riled up but I tune out as soon as they start talking about the UN taking over. The UN does not have the troops, training, or equipment to do anything other than “peacekeeping” after the real war has been fought. They are not an offensive body, let alone able to disarm 100,000,000 American gun owners, and take on active duty and recent duty troops that are loyal to the US Constitution.