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I’m glad Protius checks in , once in awhile for that reason , as a guy over there living the life , its good to hear how it actually is . Hope more join in .
L.Tecolote , I agree , IF we are stupid enough to attempt to expand outside Iraq and Afghanistan , towards Syria , it will force Putin to send in Russian ground troops to support his ally , they are already committed at this point . Thats why its important to look at other news . For the first 10 days of the anti ISIS campaign , the US had 20 something air strikes , the Russians are claiming over 100 air strikes ……………..that tells us who is serious , and who is not . Thats also why I am convinced that if WW3 takes place , the US will be the bad guy , as we really have very few candidates that are capable of keeping the cooler head . That and the fact that the motives NOT to team up , and get rid of radical Islam are in serious question .