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i read a lot a say a little …..,
WW3 is already building up and working towards a climax ,
Only a few people take notice and react to it…..
preparing there family,s for this SHTF ,Getting Food water medicine fire preps etc ,
will WW3 Become a T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I…….??? …..
if our so called leaders keep there heads cool and out of there ass,es ,
i hope they pick up there phones instead of pushing that Red button ,
and turning some keys …..,
this ugly trojan racing horse from the islamic states aint pretty ,
and it will cost many lives ,every day i read it and here this thing going on in europe,
people getting stabbed because there white , because there Cristian ,
maybe its time whe get our ass kicked , after doing years of kicking our selfs…..
i wish there are more country,s checking in on this website ,i dont believe the MSM …..i want to hear things from the people that live over there first hand ….
thank you all for keeping your heads straight and still thinking…..
pray for peace and prepare for war…..
thats all i can say for now…..

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