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I think we’ve been getting WWIII, in bits and pieces, on the installment plan, for the last three decades. When has the world been at peace? Lack of reportage is not necessarily lack of action.

I think the people we initially feared most, have followed us into the potential loser’s column, and a bunch of seventh century barbarians, having been armed and trained by “our” government, or its allies, have moved into the potential winner’s column, because they are encouraged at the prospect of dying for their cause.

I think a war on our ground is around the corner, and down the block a few steps, but I believe as soon as our adversaries think they have the advantage, they won’t hesitate. I also think many of our institutions, government, academia, entertainment, news media, have been subsidized by those who expect to end up owning it all, to lull us to let it happen. Renegades like ourselves will prepare for that, as well as all the other adverse possibilities.

Okay, I’ll shut up about it.

Cry, "Treason!"