Ellifritz is an interesting writer.

My problem with his premise is in his attacks on the writers, not just their data.
Some of his previous attacks were because of a printing typo.

Or because he didn’t agree with the testing criteria.

He reminds me of the bullies who believe they’re right just because they are louder and bigger than someone else.

Reality is, all handgun rounds are poor stoppers.
Sometimes the bad guy just isn’t giving up.

To paraphrase another gunwriter who’s seen the elephant, none of the people I killed with 9mm ball are here to talk about its effectiveness.

You’ll note, none of the writers and instructors who have been there and done that, would choose a 9mm over a .45 when limited to ball ammo in both.

Hit em, hit em again.
Shoot em until they are no longer a threat.
Aim and hope to hit something vital.