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Interestingly, I did a bit of internet research and found that some people believe that at least some of the pyramids WERE in fact for grain storage (just not the Great Pyramids). Clearly, this is all part of a campaign to hurt Carson, just like the West Point story. I get that. I’m just not at all concerned about his personal beliefs about what happened millenia ago, particularly as they relate to his religious faith. I don’t happen to subscribe to some Seventh Day Adventist doctrine, but I happen to have a great deal of respect for those people. When we used to live in California, we would occasionally drive to a Seventh Day Adventist market in Loma Linda, CA because of some of the unique food they had there. And though it wasn’t open on Saturdays, of course, we drove through Loma Linda (a specifically Seventh Day Adventist community) a handful of times on Saturdays. We were always struck with how very nicely kept the yards and homes were, and how they really did believe in keeping the Sabbath. We never saw anyone out mowing their lawns, washing their cars, playing games, etc., on that one day. I have great respect for sincere people that live what they claim to believe. And if Carson is willing to live the dictates of his faith, this nation would be led in a direction we’ve strayed from massively – almost unrecognizably. Unless he tries to force me to change the day I recognize as the Sabbath, or stop eating meat altogether, I couldn’t care less about his chosen religion, except to the extent that I know enough about it to know it teaches Christ-like love for fellow human beings, and it doesn’t rule out personal or national defense.

What does bother me – and I saw him address it directly yesterday – is the statement in the book that he was offered a full scholarship to “Hudson High.” The word “scholarship” isn’t an issue. Some may view a free education as a scholarship. But General Westmoreland didn’t have the authority to offer him any such thing, and I don’t believe Carson, at the time he wrote his book, was that naive or ill-informed. A major gaffe? In the current political scheme of things, hardly. But it did take a little bit of an edge off my view of him, because it was a claim to make himself look good, that was not accurate. I’m looking for the perfect person to be President, recognizing s/he ain’t gonna appear! But I need for the person I vote for to be as honest as possible, so I can trust his or her decisions to be made with at least the most honest of intentions. Now that little seed of caution is there for Carson. I wish it wasn’t. I still think he’s far above all the others – and I do mean all the others – in what I DO know about him thus far with regard to honesty and integrity. But now I don’t feel quite as comfortable believing what he tells me. I regret having to be in that position. (And no, I’m not surprised, either. The kinds of people that run for major political office either are already corrupt, or quickly have to at least seriously wrestle with it.)