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This almost should start a separate topic. I thought about it, but decided that creating a totally new separate thread would be evident to everyone coming to the Forum. I don’t personally think it would be healthy or appropriate to elevate it to that extent. This is where the issue started; I don’t want to drag in others that weren’t already previously aware of it because they weren’t following this thread. So on with the off-topic comments (apologies to

Threads HAVE been started by non-US members of the Forum. Leopard, Meduseld, and Proteus55, just off the top of my head, with significant posts by pitty and dutch_viking that also come to mind. Not being familiar with everyone yet (it hasn’t been that many months since I joined), there are probably others, so the list above was not intended to diminish anyone else’s posts from outside the US. If others have dropped off over the long term, I’m not going to get into their minds and either blame or excuse away those choices – I don’t have any rational way of even assessing their reasons, short of actual statements of, “I’m leaving, and here’s why.”

We’re big boys and girls here, and if we can’t sustain this gift that Selco and his close associates not only provided, but have recently tried to upgrade technologically, that’s our problem. Selco owes us nothing! When he occasionally contributes, I read what he has to say carefully and slowly. I have no way of knowing what else is going on in his life that may leave him very little time to participate here, so I have no right to have a problem with his lack of frequent involvement, let alone blaming him for the falling away of others.

I never intended to even go this direction with my post. I merely suggested that we Americans not feed the all-too-frequent view of Americans in general as self-centered, self-serving people, by even unintentionally hijacking someone else’s thread topic, and particularly steering it to a specifically US-based theme. US topics are fine. They should just be as specifically identified as was South African, Greek, the European invasion, etc. Personally, I’m appreciating getting the additional perspectives, and value those. I just don’t want to detract from them. To get into some blame-game here was neither my intent, nor anything I choose to be a part of. Of all places, this is a place where I would see it as not only unnecessary, but also inappropriate and unwarranted.