GS wrote ” I would imagine that for the most part, the non-US members here understandably don’t particularly care about our internal politics, quite frankly – except to the extent that it ends up impacting the rest of the world through the results of our own foreign policy. ”

Thats normal , we are the same way . Just Sayin

GS wrote ” There are many US members in the SHTF Forum, and it’s easy to just focus in on what’s going on in our part of the world. But we also have valuable input from many members in other parts of the world as well. If we (the US members) are not careful, we could unintentionally marginalize those members, and gradually lose their participation. ”

This is true , however , I feel one of the reasons for this is the lack of participation from the site owner and founder , Selco . He for all intents and purposes , has abandoned the forum to its own devices . What that means is this . As you pointed out , THe forum is dominated by US based members , we are in effect keeping the forum alive , as we have no leader . That being the case we naturally focus on our nation . I , and others , have been here sense the beginning . It was different then , and much more international , that is because we had participation of the leader to keep us focused , and in that direction , we no longer have that . I think it was better before . Not to be a jerk , but if it were not for about 7-10 members , this forum would die , and even then , the majority of the contributions from members , on a regular basis , can be counted on one hand . We have no direction , we have no leader . I agree with your entire post , but the people that live outside the US are at fault also , SPEAK UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant tell me that they cant speak up , participate by creating their own threads , topics , etc. and add to this forum that is basically being kept alive by 5 people . Speak up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I try to bring in foreign news , topics , and events ……….so do others , but the same US members are the only ones that respond to them generally speaking , so who’s fault is that ? not US based members . Speak up !!!!!!!!!!!!! but they dont . We have no leader , and that is what it all boils down to . We have been abandoned , and Jay is kind enough to continue to provide us with a platform . The reason why I joined SHTF , SHTF Forum in the first place , was because of the unique insight from Selcos experiences , and the different point of views from those in other countries , that was then , we no longer have that . Now I stay here BECAUSE of the US members . I hear what your saying , and agree 100% , but seriously , the US members are the only ones keeping this place alive , thats not our fault . I had hoped that the site would be a place where people worried about their future from all over the world would bring in their views , so we could all better understand what is really going on , and learn prepping tricks from those outside the US , I had even hoped that there would be a few Russians , to ask what the real scoop was , vs what every body was being told , as well as from all over Europe . It was promising in the beginning of it being just that , but unfortunately , it has never come to pass .Again , not the fault of the US members , so I feel the blame is actually on the non US members , not our international apathy , but THEIR international apathy . Sorry for the long read folks , but GS brought up a subject that , at its root , may be bothering others besides myself , and the reason why its that way . Survivalist forums grow by word of mouth , we are doing our part .