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OK so I thought this was about ww3

I contributed to the off-topic posts myself, so this is not pointed at anyone else – just an observation. There are many US members in the SHTF Forum, and it’s easy to just focus in on what’s going on in our part of the world. But we also have valuable input from many members in other parts of the world as well. If we (the US members) are not careful, we could unintentionally marginalize those members, and gradually lose their participation. I don’t think anyone is not particularly appreciative of knowing what’s going on in South Africa, Denmark, Greece, and elsewhere – it appears we all are. And recently we’ve gotten great insights into those three places particularly – not only the on-the-ground circumstances, but also how it affects the human beings involved in it. Not only is that instructive to others (particularly those of us in the US, where we haven’t yet experienced the depths that others have had to endure and find ways of coping with), but this place has the potential to be somewhat of a support system for each of us as well, since I suspect most of us – regardless of location – feels somewhat locally isolated not due to the literal meaning of that word, but because we’re surrounded by so many that just don’t see what’s really happening.

At least among those in the Forum, there’s a connection of common concern, relatively common understandings of what is really going on, etc. If we end up bringing specific US-experience into threads that are much more universal than that, we risk alienating those of us NOT living our U.S. experience. I would imagine that for the most part, the non-US members here understandably don’t particularly care about our internal politics, quite frankly – except to the extent that it ends up impacting the rest of the world through the results of our own foreign policy. So for myself, I’m going to try to do a better job of looking outside myself more, being aware of the thread topic, and not injecting US politics into something that could and potentially should be useful to any of our members, regardless of location. Those should go in specifically U.S.-themed threads.

Personally, I’ve been very appreciative (and have personally benefited) from the more recent contributions from Proteus55, Leopard, DutchViking, Meduseld, and others. But as I’ve explored the Forum further back, I see many other non-US folks here beyond those four, and most of them seem to have last contributed before I joined the Forum. I certainly hope they didn’t go away because they got the feeling that no matter what was started here, it always seemed to come down to a US-themed discussion. To the extent I unintentionally contributed to that, and I did, I offer my apology.

Thanks to 74 who redirected the current side track to an appropriately separate discussion at “Politics and the [U.S.] Presidential Elections.” Good call!