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Even if it were true, in today’s political climate a law is only enforcrd or observed at the discretion of the authority having jurisdiction.

Well, all we had to do was wait 24 hours from your statement, 74, to get yet another confirmation of your statement. From a Casey Research newsletter I just received comes the following:

At a Congressional hearing earlier this week, Fed chair Janet Yellen said negative interest rates are “on the table…if the economic outlook were to deteriorate in a significant way.”

So, if what I read a week or so ago was accurate, your observation of what’s been ongoing reality is simply proven correct yet again. Or the article about negative interest rates not being permitted in the US was false.

Regardless, they’re going to do whatever they’re going to do, and “we, the People,” don’t matter. Leviathan that created the problems, will also apply the solutions from that same all-knowing brain.