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Oh, darn. It was just reported (and Carson admitted) that a claim in his book that he “was offered a full scholarship to West Point” was not exactly true. Uh, Ben (or ANY candidate), if you want credibility, then keep your integrity. First, there’s no such thing as a “full scholarship” to any US military academy. You get appointed, you’re enlisted, you sign a contract, you’re IN the military. It’s part of the contract: they train you, you agree to serve X number of years (used to be five, I think – don’t know what it is these days). Second, he’s also admitted he never even applied – he decided to pursue med school instead. Westmoreland urged him to go, and told him that with his grades, etc., he should have no problem getting an appointment (if he’d ever bothered to apply). Just a suggestion from the good General, don’tchaknow – no appointment, no scholarship, not even an application.

BIG deal? Not huge by itself. But what else does he stretch or distort or even lie about? That immediately becomes the question. Very saddening, indeed, though on a relativity scale, he’s probably far better than almost anybody else up there in the honesty scale. Still, I’m disappointed – he put it in his own book, knowing it wasn’t accurate – and now it’s a huge distraction from his candidacy positions..