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Problem is, if it’s that sophisticated that it followed them for 10 miles, it’s not a toy. Someone with money, reason, power, and apparently ill-intent (assuming the surveilee really isn’t into some bad stuff), is behind it. And they most likely have the kind that doesn’t just store their video on board, but transmits it back home. So whoever shoots it down is likely on camera (unless the surveilee works with someone to shoot it down from 90° away, while Mr. Drone is looking at Mr. Surveilee, and doesn’t see Mr. Shotgun. Personally, I’d love to do a laser attack on something like that, if I (1) had a laser powerful enough and of whatever right frequency could do the job, and (2) know for sure that a laser COULD take out the camera. But still, the laser would have to come from the vicinity of the surveilee, and Mr. Drone would have already sent back sufficient video of who was there prior to getting its “eyes” fried. Still, perhaps Mr. Surveilee could lure Mr. Drone into an area where a properly hidden Mr. Laser was able to take proper aim, and the video would ONLY show a bright green or red laser several feet away from Mr. Surveilee, not from Mr. Surveilee himself. SGT Schultz deniability maintained: “I know NOTHING!” (for the younger crowd or non-US Forum members, SGT Schultz was a bumbling WWII German POW camp guard in a TV comedy many years ago called “Hogan’s Heroes” – you’d have to have seen it to understand, complete with accent)