74 ,
They do have a population problem , many reasons for this , They lost over 27 million people in WW2 , as well as the estimated 6 million Stalin murdered , they still have not fully recovered from that . They have an alcoholism problem , and quite plainly , many men literally drink themselves to death before they reach age 30 . Men go to work abroad , and then not coming home , other things . In some places over there , women outnumber men 7-1 ( sounds like a good vacation huh ;) , Now the state is encouraging women to have more children with monetary incentives .
MountainBiker wrote ” Given the virtual lack of diversity in Northern New England (ME, VT, & NH are in the #1, 2, & 4 spots for being the whitest States in the country), that video makes me more than ever want to find a way to hold onto my property for my kids after I’m gone. My son plans to move to VT from MA but my daughter & her family are in NC, and she’s the one with kids at this point.”
Thats another reason I choose Maine to relocate , I’m sick of the sludge ( melting ) pot everywhere else .
GeorgiaSaint ,
Carson ? , no thanks , had enough of Obama , dont want another one . Have my protest sticker going as well , Putin/Nugent 2016 . Unfortunately I feel its just going to be having to vote for whoever is running against Hilary . Just Sayin