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(I had to confirm my identity to Youtube, and return a number sent by SMS, to see it)

I note that this seems to have come from LiveLeak originally, and is now on YouTube. I hate that you had to give up a cell phone number (presumably, since it was SMS), and associate that with your ID. One would have to wonder what is so “adult” about that video that they have to make you sign in AND provide a returned PIN number. I’ve got a YouTube account, and when I occasionally run across a video that’s only available to YouTube account holders, I’ve still never had to give a PIN number they return to my cell phone – I won’t GIVE them my cell number. Just because. (with one of the “becauses” being the fact that NoSuchAgency has YouTube in their list of sites from which they derive information. I’m most likely already out in their Utah “Data Center,” but I’m not going to help populate that database easily.

As to the video’s content, I grant that especially in the end, some of it is particularly speculative, and using emotion to drive membership in a fear campaign. OK. Still, the numbers themselves say that even if by 2035 it’s not total chaos and bloodshed (ours), we’re absolutely headed some place that we don’t want to go. Freedom of religion? All for it. But when one of those fast-growing populations has at its core a legal code that is anti-Constitution, I’ll stand with Ben Carson’s position ANY day on that issue. If Sharia isn’t credibly (key word – and how could you trust it anyway?) renounced, NO Muslim should be allowed to be sworn into office, since they hold an underlying philosophy that is inherently in opposition to the Constitution. They cannot in any honesty say they will sustain, defend, or support the Constitution without effectively saying they don’t subscribe to all the tenets of their faith.

That does it for me. I’m getting a Carson sticker, not necessarily because I’m entirely jazzed about him being the next President (though we could do worse, certainly). I’m getting it as a protest sticker that says I DO stand for some things that are not being articulated by ANY other candidate. At least I won’t be supporting apathy, let alone any of the other candidates. I’d actually like to have kept my III% sticker on my vehicle, but I have to go on a fairly nearby military installation from time to time still, and the cameras are a-rollin’ at the gates. Plus, going into town, there are cameras all over the place. Traffic control in the nearest decent-sized city is a joke, so what are all the cameras for? They’re everywhere. A Carson sticker is more meaningful to most people than a III% sticker anyway, and a whole lot less militant.

I know or have known many, many Muslims, and even have a Muslim relative in the not-very-distant family. Do I distrust all of them? Certainly not (I don’t think…). But that’s just it – which ones CAN we trust?