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That video is from 2008. Given the influx from the MidEast and Africa since then, my guess is that the timelines have been shortened. The US is better off (vs Britain and Western Europe) because the Mexicans and Central Americans will largely assimilate and will maintain a Christian majority country. Yes the country slowly becomes a little less European-centric but that’s OK.

The lack of children is so easy to see. My paternal grandparents had 3 kids, 12 grandchildren, but only 11 great-grandchildren. My maternal grandparents had 4 children (only 2 lived to adulthood), 11 grandchildren, but only 13 great grandchildren. My mother’s best friend had 5 kids and yielded no grandchildren at all. My town averages 25 kids per grade in the Middle/High School but the Elementary School coming up behind them only averages 20 per grade. The Boy Scouts that used the old one room schoolhouse across the way from me up until this year have disbanded. I was told the other day by someone on the recreation committee that it is getting harder to field baseball teams due to lack of kids. Statewide population is staying the same year to year but student enrollments are dropping about 1% per year.

Given the virtual lack of diversity in Northern New England (ME, VT, & NH are in the #1, 2, & 4 spots for being the whitest States in the country), that video makes me more than ever want to find a way to hold onto my property for my kids after I’m gone. My son plans to move to VT from MA but my daughter & her family are in NC, and she’s the one with kids at this point.