This article came out today and I thought it fit into this discussion. http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/11/russia-ready-to-use-nuclear-weapons-2/

As kid the sage advice regarding fights, taunting and making threats was never to bluff. If you say something, you better be ready to do it, because if you say stuff they don’t like people will call you on it. Turned out they were right most of the time. Also found out people that give warnings usually mean what they say as well.

If Russian leaders say they will use nukes they probably mean it.

Putin doesnt bluff . There are reasons for everything he does , and those reasons are usually very well thought through before he takes any action . On one hand , he can be reasoned with , and negotiated with …..on the other hand He says he is going to do something , he will do it . Unfortunately for his opponents , his KGB training gives him an advantage over other leaders that act out of ego . Its the Egomaniacs that scare me more than Putin , and most of our leaders we have had have been egomaniacs . They dont make good decisions for fear of looking bad or weak , or cave in to the faction that has bought them out .