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“The Fed is once again talking out of both sides of it’s mouth on interest rates.”

They’ve painted themselves into a corner. In the past, they’d have been happy to have some other nation, or alliance of nations come kick the USA’s butt, and take us over to pay off all the (hot air and electrons) “money” they’ve loaned us, since their endgame is always to end up owning (controlling) everything, through proxies. But for now, there’s no combination of powers, military and economic, able to do that, without suffering equally.

(My guess: that’s why ISIS is the farm team they’re building up, to take over Europe, because in the hands of Europeans, Europe wouldn’t try to dominate us militarily. Eurabia, in the hands of crazies who love a glorious death, the way we love a glorious life, might be willing to try, or at least, might push us where the banksters want us to go.).

But the Fed can’t afford to admit that they’ve almost de-fanged themselves by loaning to the only real power base they have, more “money” than the entire planet could ever pay back, so they put in their Dracula teeth, and growl that they’ll raise rates next month, while keeping them at zero for now, on the way to negative rates. The Fed is the barking minion for international banksters, so über-rich that their money has made them crazy.

Back in the days of low technology, such people could live an entire level (or two, or three) above not only the commoners, but above the kings and emperors they made through finance. Technology ruined that exclusivity for them. With electric power, automobiles, telephony, modern medicine, etc., we “ordinaries” can live better, healthier, and longer, than kings could, in the bad old days. Liberty and capitalism have made inventors and competitors, not only possible, but numerous. It drives those who want to own it all, insane. When you’ve reached the top of the ladder, where the attempt to live a higher style of life would kill you, the only thing you can do to keep others from joining you, and ruining your claim to superiority, is to break some of the rungs between you and them.

Yeah, Roadracer, If we could just put our names on a piece of paper, and write a nice big number, and call it “money,” we could buy all kinds of stuff. Problem is, so could everyone else, and that game would be over, almost as soon as it had begun. Question is, why would we want to allow our politicians to give such a privilege away to a handful of people (mostly foreigners) with inherited fortunes? If they can do that, who are they really working for? But that’s what was sneaked through the CONgress at the end of 1912, and nobody, including the Extreme Court, has ever successfully called BS on them. We have the finest government (funny) money can buy. If the vast majority of sheepizens want to sit still for their shearing, only to become the “guests of honor” at the upcoming Lamb-Roast, there’s not much we can do, except make plans & preps for unauthorized survival.

Cry, "Treason!"