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Very true points, in fact selling assets is only a small part of the assumed solution because the current government is constantly failing to give incentives to investors, or to open up new jobs, or to tidy its own mess. We also have some revisionist politicians who are making ridiculous statements with regards to past events (like genocide taking part in minorities in Pontus, Asia Minor etc) despite well-attested and signed agreements between countries that verified this. Part of this foolishness is due to ignorance, but there are darker motives in play. They are taxing like mad, and at the same time pushing all the weaker elements of society to despair while boasting grandiose claims regarding the 7000 per day “refugees” being managed and processed, and other things like claiming that they will be able to pay their creditors in some mysterious way that most economists fail to see.

Two weeks ago, I visited one of the survival shops and witnessed first hand that large number of stock has run out. At first I thought, it’s due to the capital controls and the owners not being able to reorder (unless they do it at a loss). But the situation got more interesting when I noticed that nearly all their knives (a wide selection of kabar, cold steel, spyderco, fox, and some more exotic stuff) , paracord, and purifying tablets had been bought out during the last couple of months. Seems that many people had the same idea that such stuff would be needed, that large numbers went and bought nearly all the stock! As I was pondering on that, I also witnessed large numbers of clients almost crowding the shop assistants (I was sure that one of them was about to have a panic attack from the stress) and buying stuff all the time. Some requests were more “innocent” like concealed arms pouch, security belts, matterhorn and danner army boots but others seemed even more focused. I think that something is telling a lot of people that the S could HTF fairly soon, as in few months time. By 2016 spring time, we’ll see if they were right – although I’m hoping that it’s a false alarm.