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I have read some of SvR’s phrophecies and a limited biography available in English. How does this reconcile(or does it) with his prophecy about South Africa being a safe haven for Christians and the vierkleur flying again? I think before that can happen, the black communists will have to be gone one way or another. I see a buildup to the same sort of thing here in the US. Fanning flames of hate and making threats, black communist groups posing as social activists etc.

Howzit Leopard,

And everyone is talking about the fulfilment of Seer van Rensburg’s prophecy of 100 years ago that there will be a deluge of black and brown-skinned people in Europe immediately prior to us being slaughtered. Our Lord alone knows what is going to happen, but there is no disputing that almost everything SvR predicted for this very moment in time is spot-on… the move to prevent Afrikaans being the language of instruction in the old Afrikaans universities!!! Unbelievable!!! How could he have known about that 100 years before the time???… the wicked ruler??? I mean, how on earth?… the electricity crisis – HUH?????? The man literally did not have electricity on his farm and in the village nearby when he predicted that an electricity collapse would be our death-knell.