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I had exactly the same internal verbalization that MountainBiker had – “Wow!” In a way, that’s about all I can say too, just sitting her shaking my head in disbelief. I just cannot imagine what it must be like over/down there for you all. But I do remember hearing, over here, how that old man, near death, should be released from prison for humanitarian reasons. The problem is that at least a few of us over here (though we don’t count) DID object to his release – because we remembered the “necklacing,” who he was married to before he went to prison, and his intimate ties to the Communist Party in his pre-prison days. Some of us know that his record was cleaned up while he was in prison, facilitated by divorcing Winnie, and that a dying, frail man was supposed to emerge from the prison, soon never to be heard from again once he took his last breath.

Unfortunately, there was much history to be made in the ensuing years, along with the bestowal of near sainthood on the man. But anyone much younger than probably 50 or so, particularly over on this side of the pond, would know virtually nothing about the esteemed Nelson Mandela’s history, thanks to the “news” media and the praise showered on the man by national leaders (especially our own here in the US).

So, for what little it’s worth from a practical standpoint, there are at least a few of us that keep you (Meduseld, Leopard, etc.) in our prayers, and your issues do matter to us. Thanks for being here and keeping our eyes opened to what’s happening outside our media-secluded part of the world.