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I don’t look forward to SHTF, though I think it’s now inevitable. The problem is that greed, seeking for power, and corruption have been with us since the very beginning of time. That element will ALWAYS be there – including post-SHTF. So, would we gain in the long run by SHTF? I doubt it.

As for breaking up the US, I love the concept. But the practical details seem huge to me (and that’s a gross understatement due to the enormity of what those details would require). You’ve got corporations with a presence in most if not all 50 states. You’ve got federal employees and facilities in all 50 states, and those employees are all paid by that same government. Then that government is also paying out Social Security to those that paid in, along with retirement checks to millions. Will they still take care of those obligations to retirees that move to one of the regional new republics no longer under DC control? What happens to such things as pilot licenses, amateur radio licenses, etc.? Do we pay the exit penalty in taxes when we renounced our “US” citizenship?

It sounds great in theory for us all to move to the Republic of Texas, for example, but the reality issues seem pretty daunting to me.