MB wrote “Though independent of each other and of Colony control, they did voluntarily coordinate with other militias as was brilliantly evident when the British marched on Lexington and Concord in 1775. ”

So true , in modern day , that also played out in Ukraine war . Each settlement had its own militia for the protection of the town , In the early stages , they didnt talk to each other that much , coordinate their efforts at first either , and did indeed run into friendly fire once in awhile before identity could be established . None the less , the militias kicked out the regular army in their territories , every time . THis lack of unity in the beginning was unfortunate , because had their been that , that war would have easily been over in a few months , as the regular army was no match for the militias . Order restored and Putin would not have gotten Crimea .The beginning stages there are good for us to look at , as it shows how well militias , and organized armed resistance can work , it also points out the shortcomings of those efforts when communications and cooperation is not established in advance .
The Bundy Ranch standoff , was also an example . The people stood their ground , and the government stood down , rather than escalate it into a full blown civil war , which it most likely would have sparked . This was different from Waco in important aspects , the people were there for a principle , and let it be known as such .