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Wow, Meduseld! Reading what is in just one of the articles describes the situation perfectly, as far as I’m concerned (the article on the TTIP):

Thus the goal of the immigration crisis is clear. To distract people from the true attack. Racial mixing (immigration) is not an experiment it is a proven method to weaken a nation and bring it into conflict. With the instability and conflict world powers plunder a nation through such legislation against their own people. 90% of Europeans would vote against TTIP, if they could, but they can’t. No one voted to be overrun by immigrants. Their was no vote. But western democracies have been irrevocably corrupted by banks and business.

I have long maintained that the final chapter of the Communist Manifesto, combined with the so-called Cloward-Piven Strategy, are almost all that is necessary to understand what is going on in the world. People immediately polarize when the “C” word is uttered (communism), with most now days buying into the propganda for decades that essentially says, “Oh, communism is dead, a relic of a period in history that is long since past. Anybody that believes there is an attempt to bring back communism is part of the right wing extremist fringe, and basically a nut job.” The fact is that the Communist Manifesto should be read as a philosophy book, not identified with any political system. In fact, it’s short final chapter (only 3/4 of one page) really summarizes it well – it calls not once, but twice for the destruction of the social and political order of nations through any means necessary. It explains how existing organizations and even political parties within a nation are to be used to gain an appearance of legitimacy for the movement, eventually taking over those organizations (whether unions, political parties, influential private organizations – whatever), and working within a national system to undermine and eventually destroy it.

Combined with what is basically only a modern update of the philosophy contained in the Manifesto from 167 years ago, the Cloward-Piven Strategy seeks to create an economic climate where people have to become dependent on the government, and thus become controlled by the government. Put the Manifesto and the Cloward-Piven strategy together, and you’ll understand what all is happening around the globe.

A quarter of a million people protested in the streets of Berlin against the TTIP? Where was THAT in all the news of the day? But the same is true in the US and elsewhere in the world. If it doesn’t get published, it didn’t happen, as far as the vast majority of people are concerned. If the vast majority of violence in South Africa, for example, doesn’t make it to the American media, but the deification of Nelson Mandela is the top story upon his death (and well before), then South Africa is in great shape, Mandela was its savior (with an upper-case “S” that I simply cannot type that way), and the American people “know” what a great thing happened in South Africa, thanks to the US and Europe putting so much pressure on the racist white government to end its horrible policies. The media fulfilled its role so very well in that instance, and ever since – as has been done in so many other cases

Meduseld, I can see I’ve got a lot more reading to do within your links. It’s becoming more and more clear that South Africa is incredibly instructive in understanding what’s happening in the world, and that many of you folks have been seeing things that impact on a global scale that Americans are oblivious to. We are potentially the fortunate recipients of that knowledge before it’s too late, but I expect the media will continue its role quite successfully, and the general population in the US will continue in its ignorance. That doesn’t mean some of us aren’t trying to educate, sometimes even just one by one, however. Thank you much for the additional information, as ugly as it is. (By the way – the TTIP has NOT been emphasized here in the US – all we heard about is the Trans-Pacific version. And even that became yet another Nancy Pelosi-esque “we have to pass it so we can read what’s in it” deal.)

The bottom line of that article appears to be the bottom line – period.

90% of Europeans would vote against TTIP, if they could, but they can’t. No one voted to be overrun by immigrants. Their was no vote. But western democracies have been irrevocably corrupted by banks and business.

Politicians always promise prosperity and end up causing austerity. By political promises of prosperity and peace South Africans also allowed themselves to be lead by weak leadership that legislated away their freedom and their future as is happening in Europe today.

My only argument would be with the words “weak leadership.” Just the opposite – our governments’ leadership is becoming all powerful, which is exactly what allows our freedom and future to be legislated away. They are “weak” only in the sense of their response to those that elected them to represent us – but that’s by design.