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I think that it is simply a matter of “enough”. All but the most hardened liberals are beginning to see from the degree and extent of the rape, murder, corruption, laziness, and truly-exceptional – almost deliberate – incompetence which has just not ended since it burst onto the scene so rapaciously in the the Nelson Mandela years that things are not going to get better and that they are visibly worsening.
Many middle-class conservative whites were persuaded by the endless inculcation of a doctrine of guilt and self-loathing from, especially, British and US media, and then our own liberal media, and so they couldn’t help accepting things which they simply didn’t believe. It was clearly utter nonsense, but we believed it… we were the odd ones out – everyone told us that we were wrong, so we began to think that we must be wrong.
And even when they/we were proven right, when crime went through the roof immediately after democracy, they were so accustomed to being bullied by the media’s contention that it was their own fault (as a legacy of colonialism) that we/they continued to at least tacitly accept our new model society. We toed the party line for twenty years.
But it is all too much, now.
I think that is the answer.