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I am hoping that once we elect a Republican that we start seeing these numbers slowly go down. But any war will put us in the breaking point.

I was a Republican Party member ever since I was able to vote. It has been well over two decades since I labeled myself a Republican, or worked for the Party in any way, shape or form. Look where we’ve gotten even with a Republican majority in Congress. They collaborated with the President to give him his agenda over, and over and over again. Note very well that it is this NEW Republican House leadership that has make certain that the debt ceiling and a two year budget deal, all going beyond the 2016 election, was passed. Anyone that believes Paul Ryan wasn’t in on the deal is out of their gourd. He gets a nice clean slate to start off with, not having to worry about a government shut down, the debt ceiling, or any of those suddenly non-issues for at least a full year. The health, welfare, and future of our Republic wasn’t in the mix – just the political future of those making policy.

At very best, we can expect only a slow down in the race to the edge of the cliff. A 180º? Not a chance – not even within Congress awaiting a veto from Zero.

But to hopefully get this back more toward what Leopard started 1½ years ago (it is supposed to be about South Africa, after all), I looked at the videos of the “student” protests to get the fees dropped, and it looks pretty much like my own university campus in the late 60s and early 1970 (except not even as bad). Some of our students were shot, beaten, etc., but we didn’t make headlines because Kent State “happened” and the iconic photos spread around the nation and probably the world almost immediately, followed by a national outrage.

That isn’t to minimize what’s going on in Africa, however, I wouldn’t trade places for anything. At least I still don’t have a solid wall around my house with concertina wire on top, hoping it will all still be there when I get home at night (or that I’ll still be alive inside in the morning). The real common denominators are agitators that aren’t what they claim to be (students, for example), corrupt politicians, corrupt law enforcement (no NOT in all cases – but enough that it makes a difference – I’m neither starting nor willing to engage in THAT discussion here again), and a population that’s just fed up on all sides, whether justifiably or not. The population (regardless whether it’s SA, US, Europe, much if not most of South and Central America, and so many other places), is so fractured into factions, each of which is entirely unwilling to honestly just sit down and talk through some mutual problem solving toward win-win outcomes, that the chances for anything BUT a disaster are somewhere in the ultra-slim to none range. South Africa may well be highly instructive for the rest of us – but then so are several other situations as well. They all bear watching and assessing carefully. Regardless of race or language, and even cultural differences, basic human nature is still basic human nature, and therefore conclusions can be drawn from one area and situation to another.