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Eh – bad days can color our vision, especially when the background noise is always there. Kinda reminds me of the old Buffalo Springfield song, “For What It’s Worth” (REALLY showin’ my age!). Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us. I particularly like the insight in that old song – sometimes we “see” bad things simply because we’ve become programmed through experience BY seeing it in reality.

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
● ● ●
Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
Stop, hey, what’s that sound … .

I’ve found it amazing how some of the 60s protest songs have become so applicable all over again today – a half century later. Yep – just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean … .

Thanks for the clarification, Whirlibird. Perhaps your post was a good wake up call for all of us here. It’s easy to just go full-negative, when so much is going wrong around us. It’s important for each of us to step back occasionally, assess what’s going RIGHT in our lives (even if very limited), make sure we nurture the good stuff, and indulge in it regularly. It’s only then that the hope that’s supposed to be springing eternal in the human breast gets to come out and play. (An Essay on Man, Alexander Pope)

The proper study of Mankind is Man.
Placed on this isthmus of a middle state,
A Being darkly wise, and rudely great:
With too much knowledge for the Sceptic side,
With too much weakness for the Stoic’s pride,
He hangs between; in doubt to act, or rest;
In doubt to deem himself a God, or Beast;
In doubt his mind or body to prefer;
Born but to die, and reas’ning but to err;
Alike in ignorance, his reason such,
Whether he thinks too little, or too much;
Chaos of Thought and Passion, all confus’d;
Still by himself, abus’d or disabus’d;
Created half to rise and half to fall;
Great Lord of all things, yet a prey to all,
Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurl’d;
The glory, jest and riddle of the world.