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“Back in the day,” the economics of the Department of Defense considered it appropriate to collect old, worn, cotton flight suits and beat up, worn, hearing protectors from air crew that were getting out of the military. The cotton flight suits weren’t even legal for duty – they’d gone to Nomex by then. I would dearly have loved to keep my hearing protectors for range use, and my flight suits for working under my vehicles, etc. But for whatever reason, they were specifically listed as give-back items and probably trashed. Amazingly, I expected other things of far greater value to be on the list, and even (stupidly) asked about one in particular when it was not on the turn-in list. Thankfully, it was refused and went into my pocket, quite legally and openly back then. I extend significant gratitude to my “rich” Uncle Sam for a marvelous little gift that is no longer legal in many places, nor eligible for carry (whether open or concealed), especially without a permit benevolently granted by some established government entity. It may not be worth as much as the Chris Cain knife in monetary value, but it’s worth a great deal to me!

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