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There isn’t a forum or other avenue out there where someone or many someone’s aren’t basically dreaming and hoping it all falls apart. Yes, even here.

We all know them or of them.

A prime example would appear to have been former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as part of his crazy religious quest to “bring it on” sooner rather than later. That’s the only example I can think of right off the top of my head.

But, “Yes, even here,” meaning the SHTF Forum? Maybe I’m just living in a bubble world, or am more blind than I thought. But I have not seen that here from anyone. Some are more proficient than others at being ABLE to live off grid, away from cities, evading bad guys, etc., but somehow I’ve missed the post(s) that state somebody’s actually hoping to be forced into that situation. Frankly, if I saw that attitude here, and particularly if I saw it among more than perhaps one or two, I’d be out of here quicker than greased lightning.

I certainly don’t know Selco. However it would appear clear to me that, having lived through some of the worst of what could ever possibly constitute SHTF, he knows HOW to do it – but that he would never want to go back through that experience again. And he thankfully chose to share his more than hard-earned skills and knowledge with others so they’d be more likely to survive such conditions if/when they happen to them. So, people congregated here to discuss such survival with hopes of coming out alive and intact on the other side. And with that discussion logically comes discussion of the likely prospects of it happening in various parts of the world, including a large number of posts by US residents watching this nation go down the tubes. But I would label anyone “nuts” that WANTED to experience the final fracture and go into free fall.

Now – if you’re right, and that becomes (more?) evident here in the SHTF forum as you stated it already exists, I’m out. I want no part of that mentality. At most, I’d come to this site solely to continue studying the articles by Selco, but would entirely avoid the discussions by such people as you say exist “even here.” Seeing it as a very real, and even likely possibility, and preparing to survive it as best I can, is not to be equated in any way with wanting to actually HAVE to. And if it turns out I’ve just been missing an underlying hope here that it will actually happen, I will plead guilty to being naively blind and then click the “Log Out” button for the last time in the SHTF Forum.

Put another way, from a religious standpoint, I happen to be one that believes in Biblical prophecy concerning the “last days,” and the unimaginable destruction and other horrors that will exist in the final wrapping up scenes. But being willing to prepare (both temporally and spiritually) to go through it, if necessary, is not a wish to have to. One can look forward to what comes on the other side of that ultimate SHTF without looking forward to having to experience what leads up to it.

If you’re seeing it here, please do me (and probably others) a favor by calling it out.