There isn’t a forum or other avenue out there where someone or many someone’s aren’t basically dreaming and hoping it all falls apart. Yes, even here.

We all know them or of them.

Getting to some mythical better place where all debts are canceled, where they can live like a king because of their charm and ability to rub two dry squirrels together to generate static electricity to charge their iPad, before they go out to whack a deer for dinner even when they’ve only ever seen them in a zoo.

No magic reset button, no instant fix, just fixing what we can, as we can.
No fixing the problems and we end up like SA, Greece, Argentina and zim.
Too much more and ethnic cleansing may become a problem everywhere.
There is no quick fix to any of it.

Tec, SF has become unlivable as of late, the sheriff is an idiot, pandering and simpering. Can’t even carry a gun. The last gun shop has closed, driven out of business. A sanctuary city, only the illegals are safe.
The residents have done this to themselves. What can be done?

Sorry for the thread jack, but until people what is happening in SA as well as looking closely at their own countries and how to repair them, long term, we’re just circling the bowl waiting for the handle to be pushed.