Who knows? Half the country is semi-normal apart from the usual rapes, murders, and car-hijackings, but the other half seems to be getting ready to burst into flames.

The normalcy bias that we all suffer from is amazing. The SA crime statistics and everyday precautions that Leopard has explained to us are incredibly far from anything I could ever use the word “normal” with. That half the country is worse than “normal” is scary indeed.

Compare Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago and places like them to Keokuk, Walsenburg and Torrington and the same comparison could be made.
What is normal for one…..

SA is different for a number of reasons, the border war in part, it got people used to things that we outsiders can’t relate to. Things that became normal.

The quote from Blood Diamond fits according to every Saffer and Rhodie I’ve talked with.
It applies to everything.

(This Is Africa)

Much like the corruption and crime in Chicago and Detroit, its part of the normal life now.

No water, no power, voter fraud?

All these people wishing for shtf, ask someone living it daily in SA, zim, etc.
No massive reset, no foreign invasion, just the slow grind into oblivion.