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Howzit Leopard,

How are you? I hope that all is working out nicely for you since our last telephone conversation.
Please keep in touch with me if things turn suddenly. There has been a sudden spike in the formation of small groups of people, all over the show across Johannesburg and the province; clearly, there is panic in the air amongst ordinary people. Two senior Suidlanders (really nice guys, by the way; sweet chaps) told me that SLs membership is going through the roof. Apparently membership has increased so drastically that they have had to do away with some of their procedures in order to cope with processing the sheer numbers. The one guy told me that the current (not historic, or overall, obviously) rate of new memberships is 60/40 in favour of English speakers. Can you even believe that that is possible?

And everyone is talking about the fulfilment of Seer van Rensburg’s prophecy of 100 years ago that there will be a deluge of black and brown-skinned people in Europe immediately prior to us being slaughtered. Our Lord alone knows what is going to happen, but there is no disputing that almost everything SvR predicted for this very moment in time is spot-on… the move to prevent Afrikaans being the language of instruction in the old Afrikaans universities!!! Unbelievable!!! How could he have known about that 100 years before the time???… the wicked ruler??? I mean, how on earth?… the electricity crisis – HUH?????? The man literally did not have electricity on his farm and in the village nearby when he predicted that an electricity collapse would be our death-knell.

I am convinced that we still have at least six months, maybe 9 months, left before a full-blown state of anarchy but I have heard some very worrying stories from my contacts within the XYZ party (you will know what I am talking abut I think) which suggest a much shorter time span. There is apparently widespread talk at higher levels of a drastic development. You will know it when you see it, trust me.

Who knows? Half the country is semi-normal apart from the usual rapes, murders, and car-hijackings, but the other half seems to be getting ready to burst into flames.

Anyway, please give me a ring sometime when you are not too busy. I’d like you to join us on our safe route out, please. More by P.M./telephone if you want to know more.

May God bless you and your people if we do not get a chance to speak again.

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