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I have thought about this for ages, during this year and especially during the last few months. As far as my own personal opinion goes, I believe that WW3 is actually around the corner. What would be termed as a World War? A great number of countries involved in war, or coalitions of countries, or super-powers and their satellite allies engaging in a wardance either with proxy measures (drones, cyber attacks, viral weapons etc, destroying infrastructure or economies etc) or with actual old-style defcon countdown. Sure, some of this is conjecture or open to interpretation but there are 12 air-forces operating over Syria, Russia is building Arctic command bases and one 300 miles near US Alaska (according to an Express article) another in the Kurile Islands in disputed Japanese territory and the whole mess in the Chinese Seas…. I say there’s plenty of grounds to consider prepping as the top priority. I am also very concerned with apparent research isolating genes that are ethnically-specific as this could be used in a biological warfare to target specific racial features… it seems that it’s becoming a possibility to construct such a thing, using vector bacteria or viruses (same as these that are genetically altered to kill cancer cells or to deliver antibiotic substances through encoding with the specific targets. It’s troublesome that many leading researchers on that field have “ended their lives” or “met accidents” once they published or announced certain findings during the last 15 years…