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Hi Elijah B –
‘The painting on of the beard was the most effective to the camera, but does it work well enough in real life?’ –

Yes with practice, up to about 2 feet or so it does work with the right professional makeup (not mud). That is about $6, a very short stubby brush over a light coating of a very watery stage glue mixed with sugar. Breasts are usually bound is the suggestion – for some women this would be difficult and big loose shirts would be of more use. But there is such a thing as ‘man-boobs’ -…as they are called.

The talking issue if not practiced yes, my normal voice would give me away. Then too, you can always stuff a wad of gum or chewing tobacco or even grass in your mouth, mumble, spit and nod your head.

I have been told I am attractive (never saw that/thought that way myself) –but that is not an asset in the times to come. And, I won’t be either! I am fortunate to have worked hard all my life and be of a medium height and slende-rish build. I have broad-ish shoulders anyway as I swam competitively for years in my youth.

I suspect that thinking like a man is a large part of the act, as subtle body language would be very important in being convincing. BINGO! This is probably the most important part! I have found that you have to think like you are selecting a part in a play. ‘What kind of man given my build/features as I am now would fit preconceived ideas/and be believable as a man’. It all has to come together that any small anomolies the perceivers mind does not register.

There was a famous stagecoach driver for Wells Fargo, and women that fought in the Civil War and were in the resistance in the WW’s that did this, were very good/believable and many were not ‘outed’ until they died. That gives me enough hope this would be worth my while given my issues to pursue this. I have always worked around lots of men and do now – watch out all -some woman may be studying you for reasons you’d never suspect! Laughter.

I actually have experimented with this: taking a Carhart jacket and sticking cow crap in a small bag and putting it in a bag with the jacket. After a day – voila. Stink like a good ole cattle farmer. Believe me that will keep most people at a healthy distance alone.

If there are females in your group please do give it some more thought.