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“Tolik & Roadracer are right. The logistics of an actual land invasion of the US, Russia, or China are near impossible in a conventional war kind of way.”

Right, MtB, but as 74 points out, they could move a lot of troops in container ships (or ones that had been rigged to look like conventionally loaded container ships, but were internally decked for soldiers.) Then there’s the possibility that (seems to me) is being carried out in Eurabia: instead of conventionally pre-positioning the materiel, then hurriedly moving in the troops to use it, pre-position the troops (as refujihadis) and let them hang out on welfare, the dole, or in dire cases, menial jobs, until the needed materiel has been rounded up, or smuggled in, and distributed, along with target assignments, e.g., substations, power lines, mass transit stations, crowded shopping malls, etc. By the time the nation’s forces could be mobilized to counter massive sabotage, the refujihadis could be kicking back at “home,” or out cutting throats, and causing general mayhem. Is that asymmetric enough?

Have we not already been thus invaded? Ah, but they’re all just peaceful workers, all of ‘em. All they want to do is mow lawns, or pick lettuce, or clean motel rooms, and vote Democrat. We know this because the Zero administration tells us so. The only thing wrong with them is: they’re missing a few documents, and we can fix that here, down at the DMV. No jihadis in that bunch! And furthermore, none in the new bunch from Sudan and Somalia — count on it …(at your peril.)

Cry, "Treason!"

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