Perhaps WWIII will indeed be an asymmetrical war. With a cyber war, the radioactive dust will be minimized. Though I suspect that just like the nukes, the US, China and Russia have the capabilities to cyber nuke each other, there by creating another detent based on mutual assured destruction. Can anyone say, “Welcome to the dark ages.”

Its happened before , it could happen again . When the Roman Empire collapsed in the West , Europe did not recover many of the things the Romans provided ( infrastructure , architecture , engineering , ease of movement , diet ) until as late as the 1700’s .Why did it happen ? the people{s) invading and grabbing up land didnt value the civilization . in a nut shell , if they couldn’t eat it , drink it , or screw it , they didnt care about it . The Mexicans have a word for that , cabrones . Look at all the Troglodytes invading Europe now , and from south of the border in our own country …………..what in Mexico works ? not much , thats where we are headed long term .